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Nowadays there a lot of students, who experience definite problems with academic writing. We created our writing service especially for this people. You can buy term paper or custom writing essays at our service. And today we will speak more about essays. Use this article as a an instruction on writing it.

Of course, you are not writing a term paper, it will be easier to cope with essay, so let’s start. First of all you should formulate a thesis that is suitable for your topic. It is good when you can choose the topic on your own, it is easier then to formulate thoughts and write an interesting essay. After formulating the general thesis you can continue.

Write the first text paragraphs

All your main paragraphs should gradually lead to a climax. Each of your paragraphs should explain and describe the main idea of the essay, giving appropriate arguments to your reader.

Every idea that you have reflected in your diagram or plan of the essay will be one of the main paragraphs. If you have three or four ideas, there will will be three or four main paragraphs in the text. The structure of each main paragraph of the text will be similar.

1. Try to write one of the main ideas in the form of a proposal. If your main idea is to “reduce traffic congestion,” then you can express it this way “Public transport could reduce traffic congestion.”

2. The next step will be to write all your supporting points for the idea, but leave four or five lines between each paragraph.

3. In spaces between each paragraph, write some reflections on this item. It can be done in the form of description, explanation or discussion.

It may be:

  • Confirmatory item

Write some general information connected with your theme and give some arguments to confirm it.

  • Thinking

Think over the topic a little bit and try to involve your reader to this process.

  • Your opinion

You also may state your personal opinion to the issue, but don’t be too importunate with it, don’t try to change someone’s mind in an aggressive way, just slightly show all sides of the case and leave the choice.

4. It is also possible to include summarizing the proposal for each paragraph. But use them with caution as this is usually not required and such proposals often sound unnatural.
Once you have built up the content of each paragraph in the main body of the essay, one paragraph for each main idea, you can go to the next step.

Write an introduction and conclusion

Your essay now lacks only two paragraphs: the introduction and conclusion.

As for introductory part, here you can write something from your own experience and gradually move to the main paragraphs. And in the case with conclusion, write your own opinion and make such an end which will give person a kind of choice.

In our further articles we will continue to teach you how to write a good essay. Don’t be shy to ask for our help or to order custom writing essays at our service, here you will find any kind of academic writing, even research papers for sale.